Town of Drogheda Regeneration Policy

Having taken on board the input of many local business owners and managers, Drogheda Chamber has created a policy document entitled “Town of Drogheda Regeneration Policy”, which aims to improve the business environment for those operating in business in Drogheda & the surrounding areas. The mission is to reverse the degeneration of Drogheda Town Centre and breathe new life into the town. Some of the policies have been actioned and for the remainder the Chamber continues to lobby.


Drogheda and District Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with the LEF and a hopefully reinvigorated DEF, propose to re-introduce the concept of a GreenZone in Drogheda and its environs. Drogheda’s GreenZone will build on the success of the Dundalk 2020 project but will be very different from it. The Dundalk endeavour was an experiment on the application of renewable technologies to commercial, institutional and residential properties. With the Drogheda GreenZone we will build on the lessons learned to develop sustainable communities using a practical pragmatic interrogation of any approach adopted and its impact not only on energy conservation but also on the resources of wealth, heritage and biodiversity.

Our initial ideas will involve mapping the commercial and residential re-uses of areas within Drogheda on interconnecting axis with existing roads and the proposed greenway to allow the co-existence of industry with quality of life. We expect a sustainable link to commercial development along the Donore Road and the re-development of Narrow West Street to include commercial and residential use to be a key element of a sustainable approach to the proposed GreenZone. We will also seek to provide energy audits to existing properties within the areas considered.

Irrespective of one’s point of view on the positive or negative interactions of our activities with the local, national or global environment, there cannot be any questioning of the premise that we survive on a planet of limited resources and it is our collective responsibility as individuals and as a business community to preserve those resources for future generations.

As a business community, we have in the past exploited available resources in an attempt to maximise the available wealth but conversely, if misinformed approaches are adopted there is a danger of wasting available wealth in the attempt to reverse this process.

With this mindset Drogheda and District Chamber have established a core group of experts to review Drogheda’s unique landscape and to create a map for our approach to the proposed GreenZone.