Local Heroes

Local Heroes is an RTÉ-wide campaign to support Irish jobs that began in 2011. As part of that campaign there was a number of programmes on RTÉ Television and Radio, including the six-part television programme, “Local Heroes – A Town Fights Back”, which followed the people of Drogheda as they came together to take their economic future into their own hands and start the fight-back for jobs.

The series showed Feargal Quinn and a team of experts work with Drogheda over a number of months to help them re-ignite the local economy with the hope of facilitating job creation in the long term. Feargal was looking for an Irish town whose citizens & business community were willing to unite and determine their own economic destiny. Drogheda was that town and served as a microcosm of what is possible throughout the rest of the country as old habits are thrown out and new ideas are fostered and encouraged.