As we have expressed before, the Drogheda & District Chamber feel that the greater Drogheda Metropolitan area with its 79,000 inhabitants is under catered in many areas, including education.

The chances of a full Third Level Institute or University in Drogheda in the near future are limited. However, the committee believe that outsourcing from either DKIT or DCU is a strong possibility in the future. This has been discussed over the last number of years at County Council level and the Chamber is fully behind such initiatives. Drogheda Institute of Further Education is a wonderful facility and the Chamber would be very keen to see further growth in this facility to maximise the potential of the campus.

Overall Drogheda, as the largest town in the country, is currently under-serviced in the Third Level area and we need Chamber, Political and County involvement to progress and resolve this issue. Each household who sends their children for further education outside our area incurs considerable additional costs. There is no reason, with our population, that these education solutions cannot be provided within our boundaries. We must awaken the political will in our local and national representatives to deliver solutions for Drogheda.

We continue to meet and discuss opportunities with DKIT, DIFE and Louth/Meath Educational Board.  Drogheda Chamber’s work in education has just begun and is an initiative we are fully committed to progressing to improve the quality of education in our community.