Invest Drogheda

Local indigenous businesses, the retail industry and the service sector are intrinsic to the life-blood of any community. We must never under-estimate the power of our local entrepreneurial business people. At the same time FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) is key for us to develop more jobs and sustainable business for our community. Attracting of possible new companies and businesses into Drogheda is a key priority for the Drogheda Chamber. As a Chamber we have been working at developing a needs analysis to tackle issues which could hinder Drogheda’s attempts to attract FDI. Key in this has been a detailed examination of layout capacity and space requirements for potential FDI organisations as it has been clear for many years that we lack instant ready-to-run accommodation space. In the economic condition currently prevailing, it is difficult for the private sector to provide such facilities. However the analysis has identified specific capacity in a near ready-to-run condition.

The links with Salinas, Silicon Valley and the development of the Drogheda Investment pack are concrete results of these initiatives.

Drogheda has so many unique offers it is hard to get them all onto one document without making them too unwieldy. Our biggest challenge as always is to find and identify potential investors.

A major project is underway to complete a refocus on our offer and methods of communication. Key to this is the following:

1. Identification of ready to occupy business premises within the Drogheda region under the following categories: Small, Medium & Large (Offer).

2. To identify the correct price offer for initial “turn-key” solutions for said investments (Solution). The potential of each site and the planning, logistics and costs of upgrading to what our new investors may require also needs to be identified.

3. To re-design & update the “Invest Drogheda” pack in a manner that best communicates and answers investors’ queries and requirements (Pack).

4. To develop and identify over long term communication and funding strategy for FDI for Drogheda (Selling the message).

The IDA point out that 70% of FDI each year are with existing companies in the country which is the case with the current BD on the Donore Road, so we also need to look at the potential within our own community. This is our objective so that we can drive the economy, create stability and look towards a more positive future.

Click below to download the “Invest Drogheda Brochure”

Invest Drogheda Brochure