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Drogheda & District Chamber is a volunteer led business and enterprise group which seeks to improve the general business conditions in our locality. We have a vision to create more business in our area and energise existing business by working with our members in partnership with elected and non-elected officials, local and central government.

You can be part of your local Chamber by becoming a member today. We are continuously looking for more people in business to get involved with us and all that we do, we would love to hear from you!

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Voice for Business Owners

The Chamber acts as an independent voice for business in Drogheda & District. We support business by lobbying to ensure Drogheda has the best environment in which to conduct business. Our voice is recognised by local decision-making bodies as a true representation of the wider business community’s opinion.

Network with influential business people

Membership of the Drogheda Chamber provides you with key networking opportunities which help to grow and support your business, nurturing new prospects and adding value to your business. We host many social and business networking events throughout the year.

Market your Business

We can help you get your company message out to others. Members can promote their business for FREE via our website, social media channels, online member’s directory and weekly e-zine. If you have any promotions/events to highlight or just want to get your business noticed, we can help you!

Raise your Business Profile

Membership immediately raises the profile of your business, and sets you apart as a business which is committed to working with the wider business community. The Chamber will also provide you with unique sponsorship and advertising opportunities, enabling you to present your business or product to a specific and targeted audience of key business people.

On-Line Member’s Directory

Each Chamber member has a designated profile page within our on-line member’s directory which highlights their business

Access to Membership

Being a member of Drogheda & District Chamber ensures you and your organisation have access both to Members and to key decision makers in local government. Access to fellow members is facilitated by our many events, our online membership directory, e-zines and newsletter, which all in turn provide free marketing opportunities for your company.

Members Discounts

Through our Affinity Scheme, members can save money by availing of unique discounts and special offers with a wide range of companies. These discounts can help counteract your membership subscription. The scheme is also an ideal way for members and businesses to market themselves to fellow members.

Business Opportunities

As an active Chamber member you will have the opportunity to create and get involved in campaigns to assist business conditions, join committees and ultimately join Chamber Council. This in turn offers the prospect of sharing experiences, exchanging business views, and creating new business ideas.

Support Services of Chambers Ireland

As Drogheda Chamber is affiliated to Chambers Ireland, our members have full access to the support services and advice which is offered on a national level.


If you are interested in joining the Chamber or would like to find out more information you can contacting the chamber on 0419833544 or email Brenda