Drogheda Diaspora Network

You’re bound to know local people living abroad. Have a think about it … who do you know that’s far away?

Here in Drogheda Chamber, we’re working to develop a Drogheda Diaspora Network, creating connections with local people living all over the world. There are thousands of people with Drogheda connections in far-flung locations across the globe. And we’re trying to join the dots. Drogheda Diaspora

We want to create a network that can share information and opportunities, support each other while abroad and stay connected to home.  In business, we all know the value of being part of a network and we believe that it’s the same for our Drogheda Diaspora. No matter where you are, being part of a strong and dynamic network can be a very valuable resource.

Will you help us to share the information with people that you know? Here’s how:

LinkedIn:          Click here to join our LinkedIn Group. Click “Ask to Join” and you’ll be accepted into the group. That way you can invite others you know to join.

Facebook:         Our join our Facebook Group by clicking here and then invite others you know to join too.  

Or alternatively encourage them to contact us by email. Ask them to send an email to president@droghedachamber.com with their name, location, email and phone number. We’ll add them to our database and keep them posted with the latest news from Drogheda.

If you have family, friends, neighbours or relations living abroad who would benefit from being part of the network do tell them about us and encourage them to join. We would love to include them so that we can build a strong network of Drogheda Diaspora right across the globe