“Shop Local and Buy Irish” – urges Drogheda Chamber President

In extending St.Patrick’s Day greetings to businesses and communities in the Greater Drogheda area, local Chamber President, Paddy Callaghan encouraged people to be especially mindful of shopping locally and buying Irish over the festive period.

“Today, out of State shopping and shopping on-line on international websites hurts local businesses and threatens local employment opportunities,” said Paddy, adding that “even a small shift in spending behaviour towards supporting Irish businesses, goods and services can make a real difference. It’s practical patriotism for the 21st century, and there’s no better time to be mindful of this than when, along with millions across the globe, we celebrate and remember with pride our Patron Saint, Patrick.”

Paddy can speak with some experience about the benefits of “buying Irish.” Over thirty years ago, he founded Nature’s Best, now a second generation family business, operating from a custom built 75,000 sq. ft. premises in Drogheda which has grown rapidly and now employs over 300 employees producing more than 650,000 healthy convenience salads every week.

“We supply these to a wide range of retailers throughout Ireland. By choosing quality Irish food, consumers have enabled us grow Natures Best and provide much needed local jobs,” said Paddy, concluding that “Drogheda is rapidly establishing itself as a key location for quality food and drink businesses. In those and other sectors, opportunities exist to substitute imports with local products and produce. So, as we celebrate our Irishness, let’s do it in a way that benefits the current and future generations, especially in the Greater Drogheda area.”