M1-Drogheda Chamber Skillnet / M1-Drogheda Chamber Skillnet

Drogheda Chamber understands that training and up-skilling are key elements in keeping businesses competitive, increases turnover and growth, and helps to motivate and retain staff, and develop talent. With this in mind, we have established the ‘M1-Drogheda Chamber’ Skillnet to support companies across the NorthEast region to access subsidised training in a local setting. The initiative is supported by Skillnet Ireland, and its focus is to communicate with businesses along the M1 Corridor, to listen to their training needs and current and future skill shortages, and to support them by organising training courses which are impactful, relevant and deliver results. Member companies actively participate in determining their own training needs and how, when and where their training will be facilitated. We foster a collaborative enterprise networking approach and provide a flexible and fast response to ever-changing skill demands.

All courses are subsidised by Skillnet Ireland through the Department of Education Skillnet which is funded from the National Training Fund. M1-Drogheda Chamber Skillnet is able to offer significant subsidies towards training courses and staff development to companies who are members of Drogheda & District Chamber of Commerce. Non-Chamber members will also be able to access the valuable resources of a locally-based Skillnet network and ensure that they stay up to date on the latest training developments for their business sector. This provides high standards of relevant training, tailored to suit the specific needs of your business, delivered in a convenient location at exceptional value for money.

Benefits of Joining M1-Drogheda Chamber Skillnet
• Get high quality training for less
• Grow your business
• Grow your business network
• Share, learn and collaborate with other businesses
• Tackle skills shortages
• Increase staff productivity
• Motivate your employees
• Keep up-to-date with new technologies and trends

M1-Drogheda Chamber Skillnet is supported by a highly regarded and experience steering committee, who offer their time voluntarily and share their expertise to ensure the success of M1 Skillnet in supporting business development through training in the North East Region.

Committee Members
Paddy Callaghan – President, Drogheda Chamber. Natures Best
Breanndan Casey – The Mill Enterprise Hub
Tony Campion – Coca Cola International Services
Stephanie Maguire – Yapstone
Denise Walsh – Relish Cafe
Roslyn O’Shaughnessy – Becton Dickinson & Company Ltd
Emma Hickey – Osborne Recruitment
Colin Guilfoyle – Nebula Innovations
Nieve Minchin – Hilton Foods

Network Promoter
Shona McManus – Osborne Recruitment

Linda Ennis is the Skillnet Training Manager please contact her to discuss our upcoming courses and/or any of you or your company’s training needs.

email: M1skillnet@droghedachamber.com

Tel: 085 1459679

Upcoming Training Courses

Door Security Procedure QQ1 Level PSA Licence                                                       Mondays & Tuesdays 9am-5pm June 18th, 19th, 25th & 26th

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Course: Increase Your Leads & Sales via Google Adwords & eMarketing Solutions

Date: 1 Day Course
July 10th          Time: 9.30 am -4.30 pm
Venue: The Mill Enterprise Hub, New Road Link, Greenhills, Drogheda, Co. Louth

Suitable for: This program is suitable for all industries and mainly suited towards four types of people, business owners, employees or marketing professionals, marketing agency’s or students.
If you’re a business owner, this program is a great way to learn how to structure and implement a winning digital marketing campaign to suit your business needs. It’s also a great way to train members of your own team to ensure that they’re up to speed on the latest trends and best practices.
If you’re an employee or marketing professional, this program will certainly make you more valuable to your company, which is the surest way to get that raise or promotion you likely already deserve (but don’t have a tangible reason to request).
If you’re an agency, this program is a way to show that you are a traffic funnel specialist, which could help you attract and retain better, higher-paying clients.
If you’re a student, this program can set you apart from other graduates who merely have a
business or marketing degree, but specialized skills that employers today are desperately seeking

Course Content:

  • 86% of consumers use the internet to find a local business
  • 72% of consumers prefer to find information on local merchants via search
    29% of consumers search for local businesses at least every week

Would you like to:
• Generate new leads or clients?
• Increase the conversion rates of your current leads?
• Nurture your existing clients to increase the amount they spend and/or transactions with you?

If YES then this training is for you. You will be shown a PROVEN and tested super successful sales and marketing method that will attract qualified leads; increase your impact and ignite your revenue.

This step-by-step blueprint will END the feast and famine rollercoaster so you can create a successful business, and turn complete strangers into raving fans and loyal customers who are ready to pay top euro for your products and services.
The program is a full day digital marketing workshop that’s divided into steps. Its purpose is to make it simple for business owners and marketers to understand the critical components that go into a modern day digital marketing plan and to implement highly effective results for your business.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course each learner will have:
• Core Marketing Funnel Design Concepts
• Identify The Perfect Audience For Your Business – Know What Your Business Goals Are & Who Your Ideal Customer Is
• Crafting A Magnetic Marketing Message & Offer for Your Target Market
• Designing Your Ideal Marketing Funnel
o Understanding Cold, Warm, and Hot Traffic
o Building Entry Point Offers
o Your Core Offering
• Launching & Scaling Your System Using Google Adwords – Learn how to set up your own high converting ad campaign, raising awareness of your products/services to your ideal target market
• The Return Path: Using E-Mail To Keep In Touch & Sell More – Learn how to optimise and scale up your campaigns by retargeting, segmenting website visitors by activity, to supercharger your sales and maximise your marketing effort. How to use email marketing campaigns to generate more sales from your prospects and to stay in contact with your clients.
• Putting It All Together

Course Content:

Section One: This module will teach you the foundations of how to think about website traffic and where it fits into YOUR business. We’ll establish goals and a “language” so that we’re on the same page throughout the workshop. You’ll craft your ideal customer profile for your business, the absolutely critical component of any successful marketing campaign.

Section Two: is where you will be introduced to traffic temperature and understanding exactly where your ideal customer is in your overall customer journey. We will start creating the assets you’ll need for your ad campaign; including how to craft the ideal marketing message and offer(s) for your target market. You’ll use our ad copy templates for cold, warm, and hot ads, to build out messages specific to your ideal customer profiles journey. You’ll also learn how to build content assets you’ll need to send traffic to.

Section Three: is where a guided process is used to get you to set up your own ad campaign. The focus will be on developing “The front door” of your campaign & business offering. This is where you will begin the process of raising awareness for your products and services with your ideal target market. You’ll be shown how to select the right campaign structure based off of your business’ current needs and execute on step-by-step instructions for building a high converting ad campaign. Then learn how to generate a structure to bring your prospects through the journey, helping them to buy your product and/or service offerings, with the goal of boosting your sales and profits.

Section 4: You will be shown how to optimise and scale up your campaigns, how to get started with retargeting, segment website visitors by activity, and an approach to retargeting to super charge your conversion rate and maximise your marketing efforts. Finally you will understand how to use e-mail marketing to generate more sales from your prospects, and to stay in contact with current and past clients so they will come back over and over to buy from you.

Training Company/Trainer

Rebecca Mahon is the founder of Savvy Business Gals, and has spent the last 15+ years solving problems and fixing businesses. She has significantly increased the bottom lines of her clients across a broad range of industries. Rebecca has dealt with virtually every type of business. She has studied, and solved, almost every type of business question, challenge and opportunity. Rebecca has demonstrated the critical ability to stimulate true breakthrough thinking and execution throughout large and small organizations. She is skilled in the areas of revenue model generation, business model generation, strategic restructuring as well as marketing makeovers of every kind. Working with Rebecca’s principles can be the difference between mediocrity and a business that generates millions in additional revenue.
She teaches businesses that there may be dozens of more effective and more profitable strategies, and options, available to them. Rebecca shows her clients how to take different success concepts from different industries and adopt them to their specific business.

Course Fee:        Non Member Fee €150         Member Fee €120
Payment Methods: Eventbrite, Credit Card or Paid Invoice (which may be paid by cheque or eft prior to course.  Booking fees only apply to Eventbrite and Stripe Payments



Course:           Microsoft Office 365                                                                                              

Date:               Thursday May 17th

Time:               9.30 – 12.30

Venue:            Drogheda Learning Centre, (Old Flogas Building), Dublin Rd, Drogheda

Suitable for:  Anyone who uses Microsoft Office 365

Course Content:

  • This course provides training in the choice of subscription packages and the variety of applications that are available online and on desktop on Office 365.
  • One Drive: – how to set up folders, store files, recover files, share files internally & externally and various levels of security in sharing.
  • Sharepoint – how to set up, create task lists, share files internally & externally
  • Meeting Rooms- how to set up and book
  • Organise email to let you focus on the message that matter most
  • Manage your calendar to schedule meetings and appointments with ease
  • Create Tasks and To Do Lists
  • Open Forum – Trainer will deal with any queries outside of the course outline.

Training Company/Trainer

RobTec Solutions is a IT Services and Data Protection Consultancy business. Nicky Robinson Owner/Technical Manager is a highly experienced technical professional, with strong IT and Engineering skills. He holds a Degree in Mathematics and Computing, a Higher Diploma in Electronic Engineering, is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, a Microsoft Office Specialist and is qualified as a Trainer.

Course Fee:         Non Member Fee €60                   Member Fee €48

Payment Methods:  Eventbrite or Paid Invoice (which may be paid by cheque or eft prior to course)


Course:           GDPR  – Putting it into Action                                                                                                                                      

Date:               Wednesday May 23rd

Time:               9-1

Venue:           City North Hotel, Gormanston, Co. Meath

Suitable for:  All Businesses and All Levels

Course Overview:

1. Privacy – understanding the concept of privacy in the globalised and digitalised world
2. GDPR – origins of the EU legislation, purpose, objectives and reasoning
3. Championing GDPR – the benefits of GDPR
4. Steps for my work environment
a. Data Mapping
i. Distinguishing between ‘personal data’ and ‘business to business documentation’ – when does GDPR apply and not apply?
ii. What data is collected by me in my workplace?
iii. Examining the data journey through the business?
iv. Identifying risks
v. Carrying out a data mapping exercise
b. Applying transparency
i. The privacy notice/data protection policy application
ii. What data can we process and under what conditions
iii. Automated decision making
c. Lawful basis of processing
i. When does consent apply and not apply
1. Employees and consent
2. Consent objections
ii. When can I engage another lawful basis for processing
d. Deciding data retention periods
e. Marketing Contexts
i. Distinguishing between marketing and normal business operating procedures
f. Are we data controlling, data processing or data sharing?
g. GDPR and other workplace policies – cross referencing your policy structures

Training Company/Trainer

Mary Seery Kearney Barrister at Law:
 Mary is a practicing barrister, specialising in Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Law, Data Protection and Cyber Law, Equality, Tort, Contract, Equity and Corporate Governance.
 Graduating from Trinity College Dublin and Kings Inns in law, psychology and philosophy; she is a legal advisor to a number of organisations and professional bodies that include employers and special interest groups, professional bodies, as well as representing the interests of individuals.
 Mary is a member of a number of professional bodies including the Law Library, British Psychological Society, International Association of Privacy Practitioners, Irish Data Protection Officers Organisation and the Institute of Directors in Ireland.
 Mary is the former Academic Director of GMB College and has wide experience lecturing in Law, Business, Corporate Governance, Compliance, Health, Safety and Welfare, Industrial Relations and most recently in particular in Data Protection Law.
 Mary is a former Chief Executive Officer in the Voluntary Sector where she was responsible for the development and staffing of a €16 million project of 55 units of supported, sheltered housing for young people coming out of homelessness
 Mary has advised and written submissions for the Constitutional Convention as well as working as a Parliamentary Advisor to Government TDs and Ministers.

Course Fee:         Non Member Fee €75                   Member Fee €60

Payment Methods:  Eventbrite or Paid Invoice (which may be paid by cheque or eft prior to course)


Course:           Delighting the Customer                                                                                                                         

Date:               Monday May 21st

Time:               9.30 – 4.30

Venue:            Drogheda Learning Centre, (Old Flogas Building), Dublin Rd, Drogheda

Suitable for:  This course is aimed at customer-facing front-line and support staff, whose actions can have a significant impact on their company’s reputation and success. The course covers the key principles, attitudes and skills essential for delivering an excellent customer experience, to gain, maintain and grow existing relationships.

Course Overview

In today’s customer-oriented business environment, “people skills” are critical for personal and organisational success. This one day course will give learners the skills they need to communicate professionally and enhance client relationships, delighting the customer and securing an overall competitive advantage through customer service excellence. During the course, learners will analyse the essential ingredients of presenting a professional image i.e. Attitude and Behaviour. The course also covers how to best use their communication skills over the telephone, face to face and by email, how to understand their customers better, manage customer expectations and to make the most of each interaction with the customer. The course will help them to develop the core communication skills needed to engage with clients more effectively and make the most of every interaction with customers.


On completion of the workshop, learners will get a DCM Learning certificate of completion. If attendees are members of a national body and would like to claim CPD hours, DCM Learning staff will assist with this process.

Course Content

Delighting the Customer Training Proposal


  • Your role in representing the company
  • Defining your responsibilities to your clients
  • Understand the elements of exceptional internal service
  • How to present a professional image – our appearance, attitude and behaviour


  • Self-assessment of your own style – the associated strengths and weaknesses
  • How to communicate face to face, over the phone or by email – points of difference
  • How your actions may be perceived by others – professional, positive, friendly approach
  • Non-Verbal Communication – smile/body language/eye-contact/posture/mirroring
  • Verbal – communicate effectively, good verbal written and oral
  • Active Listening – listening versus hearing


A unique feature of the course is its use of the SPECIAL model which addresses both the standards and skills learners use.

  • Speed and Time,
  • Personal and personalized
  • Expectations – manage and exceed
  • Competence and courtesy
  • Information
  • Attitude
  • Long-term relationship and follow-through


Recognising areas you need to work on and developing your personal action plan

Training Company/Trainer

Ann O’Brien is among Ireland’s most experienced and successful trainers in Customer Care and Communication Techniques. She has over fifteen years of involvement with some of Ireland’s largest and most dynamic companies. Ann had a pioneering role in the formation and successful development of Banking 365, Bank of Ireland’s award-winning telephone banking service, which registered 98% satisfaction rating within one year. Extensive group participation, team building and motivational exercises are central to all of Ann’s training programmes. While providing highly effective customer care training, Ann simultaneously motivates learners and gives them a re-newed sense of confidence and pride in their new roles.

Some of Ann’s achievements include:

  • Played an instrumental role in Banking 365 winning the following accolades at the Irish Call Centre of the Year

Awards over the years including Best Customer Service Delivery (twice) and Call Centre of the Year

  • Programme Coordinator, Irish Management Institute
  • Diploma in Management, Irish Management Institute

Course Fee:         Non Member Fee €120                Member Fee €96

Payment Methods:  Eventbrite or Paid Invoice (which may be paid by cheque or eft prior to course)


Course:           Effective Performance Management                                                                                                             

Date:               Tuesday May 29th

Time:               9.30 – 4.30

Venue:           The Mill Enterprise, Newtown Link Road, Drogheda

Suitable for:  Line managers, supervisors and team leads who have performance coach responsibilities (evaluating and managing others’ work) and need to help people achieve their potential. This course is suitable across all industries and sectors, focusing on tools and techniques to manage people performance.

Course Overview:

This practical, one-day course examines the key aspects of performance management and provides practical guidance on how to take a goal-orientated approach to improving the performance of staff. On the course, learners will be provided with an insight into performance management as a progressive tool to drive both employee engagement and productivity improvement. Course topics include the dynamics of teams, factors involved in building a strong team, managing different personality styles within a team, communicating effectively and how to support individual team members. During the course learners will discover their individual leadership style and identify key areas to work on to develop their abilities.


On completion of the workshop, learners will get a DCM Learning certificate of completion. If attendees are members of a national body and would like to claim CPD hours, DCM Learning staff will assist with this process.

Course Content:


  • Purpose and benefits of performance management and reviews
  • Linking team performance to company objectives
  • Barriers to effective reviews
  • Role and responsibilities of an effective reviewer


  • Self – assessment of your own leadership style
  • Link between motivation and performance
  • Coaching for performance – enhancing your skills
  • Monitoring and evaluating performance
  • Praising and celebrating good performance
  • What to do when the performance plan doesn’t work


  • Examining the key building blocks of high-performance teams
  • Defining roles and responsibilities – creating a team charter
  • Communication – encouraging an open and inclusive team culture
  • Common team problems – dealing with difficult situations quickly
  • Establishing and building trust within the team


  • What constitutes poor performance – lack of ability versus low motivation
  • Enhancing ability
  • Improving motivation
  • Handling difficult people fairly and assertively
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures

Training Company/Trainer

Andrew Woods

Andrew is a Trainer, Consultant and Executive Coach with expertise built through a 20-year successful track record in Leadership, Team Development, Communication Impact and Customer Service Excellence. He is dedicated to providing impactful and sustainable workplace learning by creating authentic and practical learning experiences for clients. He is an Executive / Team Coach and Business Mentor for any size organisation. His senior management career background provides a solid platform for all his interventions. He is a natural communicator who imparts his knowledge with humour and enthusiasm, encouraging and supporting individuals, teams and organisations to excel. He has accumulated a wealth of business knowledge and experience across many sectors in local and international markets and has successfully delivered projects and interventions on 4 continents including UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Germany, South Africa and Ireland.

Some of Andrew’s qualifications and affiliations include:

  • A member of the IITD and ICF, he has an advanced qualification in Executive and Career
  • Coaching through the Irish Life Coach Institute.
  • Belbin (team type) Accredited


Andrew Gibson

Andrew is an accomplished training consultant and coach with a thoughtful and thought-provoking approach, yet he is entertaining and engaging. He has acquired the knowledge and skills of successful management and knows how to impart them to others. He has worked in training and development for over 15 years, helping people and organisations of all sizes and sectors achieve their goals. Andrews background in Behavioural Psychology means he is best placed to understand organizational change doesn’t happen overnight and isn’t always easy.

Andrew has vast experience as a trainer, mediator and conflict coach and has worked with the United Nations on mediation and conflict resolution. He has extensively studied the effect of inter-cultural conflict especially in the workplace.Some of Andrew’s qualifications and affiliations include:

  • Honours degree in Psychology from Nottingham Trent University (NTU)
  • Member of The British Psychological Society
  • Higher Diploma (H. Dip) in Conflict Resolution
  • Member of the International Mediation Institute (IMI) and an IMI Certified Mediator
  • Member of the IMI Appraisal Committee; the role of this committee is to manage and approve new qualifying assessment programmes

Course Fee:         Non Member Fee €175                                Member Fee €140

Payment Methods:  Eventbrite or Paid Invoice (which may be paid by cheque or eft prior to course)